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“Any day I can grab my glove or bat and play around with my teammates is a great day!”

Jaylin Age: 14

If anyone knows that practice makes perfect, it’s softball player Jaylin Cabales – she’s been on the field for as long as she can remember. “Both of my parents are softball coaches. So naturally, I started playing at a very young age by shagging balls in the outfield for my mom’s high school team.”

For those just starting out with softball, Jaylin’s advice is to be a student of the game. “Learn all you can from watching others as well as playing the game yourself. You play how you practice, so put the effort into practice and you will see results in the game. I am a pitcher. But starting out, I was smaller and couldn’t throw as fast. I’ve been working very hard on my pitching skills, so now I am moving up in the rotation and get to pitch more often!”